Mame (pronounced MAR MAY) Bonsai are typically tiny Bonsai in small pots that are able to fit into the palm of ones hand and can be between 50mm and 150mm in height. They are also known as Baby Bonsai or Palm Bonsai. 

Mame Bonsai make for wonderful feature Bonsai and are particularly suited to the Bonsai enthusiast who does not have a lot of space available to display his or her Bonsai. They should be watered regularly (at least once to twice a day in summer and less often in winter to prevent soil from drying out) Also apply "BONSAI BOYZ MUTI" FERTILIZER every 4 weeks to encourage healthy foliar growth and keep your MAME in peak condition."BONSAI MUTI" available from us only!

They are also well priced due to their small size.

Prices range from R 40.00 to R 200.00 depending on age,availability and type of pot used.  

For info on MAME BONSAI and to get one in the palm of your hand.

Contact Ed on Cell: 083-331-5510 or Kevin on Cell: 083-225-3793

Below: Ficus Natalensis (Natal Fig) in MAME STYLE 

Below: A selection of MAME Bonsai

Below : Juniperus Procumbens Nana - MAME 

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